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Wellness Fridays

Wellness visits are extremely important for maintaining your furry family member's health. Starting this Friday, March 15th, Gateway Animal Clinic will launch Gateway Wellness Fridays. Please bring your pets in for their wellness checks, vaccines, and more.

What is Gateway Wellness Fridays?
Every Friday, Gateway Animal Clinic is available for wellness appointments. If your pet is due for an annual check-up, vaccines, or parasite prevention, please bring them in for a walk-in appointment or text (216) 771-4414 to register in advance.

Before participating in Gateway Wellness Day, review the questions below:

  • Has your pet had any vomiting?
  • Has your pet had any diarrhea?
  • Does your pet have any allergies?
  • Is your pet coughing or sneezing?
  • Does your pet have any injuries?

If you answer yes to any of the above questions, wellness day may not be an appropriate time for your pet to be seen.

Please call (216) 771-4414 with any questions. We hope to see you and your furry family on Friday!

Gateway Animal Clinic